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AMJ Campbell Self Storage is your one-stop-shop for your moving and storing needs. We are affiliated with AMJ Campbell Van Lines which is Canada’s largest moving company; therefore, we offer not only storage services, but moving services as well! We also sell all the moving supplies you need to store or move your belongings.

Are you…
Self Storage Ottawa
• Tired of clutter?
• Staging your home?
• Moving?
• Looking for a place to park your vehicle (inside or out)?
• Running out of space in your home or office?
• Relocating abroad?
• Looking to store inherited furniture?

AMJ Campbell Self Storage is here to help! We want to help you make your transition as stress-free as possible! When storing goods it is very unlikely for you to know the length of your stay which is why we only offer a month-to-month storage lease. Why sign a year lease and get stuck to get a discount? AMJ Campbell Self Storage offers competitive and affordable rates and you can stay as long as you want!

Our clients store items such as winter and summer tires, medical files, vehicles, Christmas decorations, antique furniture, electronics, sports equipment, seasonal clothing, tools, lawn care equipment, medical equipment, artwork, kids toys, building material, and the list goes on…   


Is your office running out of space? Whether you need storage for your office furniture, records, or systems furniture… We do it all!

AMJ Campbell Self Storage is your one-stop-shop for your moving and storing needs. We are affiliated with AMJ Campbell Van Lines which is Canada’s largest moving company; therefore, we offer not only storage services, but moving services as well! We also sell all the moving supplies you need to store or move your belongings.

Our premium storage facility is:
• Secure
• Clean
• Climate Controlled
• Cost-Effective

We also sell boxes!


At AMJ Campbell; we do it all!

We do:
• Importing/Exporting
• Warehouse Storage
• Self Storage

We even go as far as disposing goods to the recyclers.
Our facility is secure, clean, and climate controlled (by radiant floor heat). We are affiliated with AMJ Campbell Van Lines so we also offer moving services and we also sell boxes!



We are conveniently located near the airport. If you choose to store your vehicle outside; it is easily accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! Our location is secure and we even get our security guards to frequently monitor the vehicles parked outside.


Most vehicles will require a 10X15 or 10X20 storage space. If you require more space, we will ensure to find a unit that will fit your needs. Come visit our location and we will measure your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is being placed in the proper unit.

Our units are individual units meaning there are no cars parked next to you. You will have your own unit; therefore, if you wish to place a few boxes in your unit with your car, you can proceed!


Whether you’re looking to store your MOTORCYCLE, SEA DOO, BOAT, SKI DOO, AMJ Campbell Self Storage has the solution for you! Our units are easily accessible so simply drop off your “toys” and pick them up when you want to use them! 

Storage Sizes

5' x 5': Small closet size, enough to hold a few boxes or small furniture

5' x 10': Contents of a one-bedroom apartment without appliances

10' x 10': Contents of a one-bedroom apartment with appliances or a two-bedroom apartment without appliances

10' x 15': Contents of a two-bedroom apartment with appliances, three bedroom house, or small vehicle

10' x 20': One-car garage size, large enough for a regular size vehicle, or a four bedroom house

10' x 25': Available for larger items

10' x 30': Available for larger items


What's in it for you?
  • Friendly, professional service in your community.
  • Conveniently located.
  • A cost effective way to securely store your belongings.
  • You’ll receive the size most suitable for your needs, ensuring the best value.
  • Access to your self storage unit – 7 days a week.
  • Short term or long term self storage – you choose.
  • Peace of mind…safe, secure and simple!
  • Choice: Wide range of sizes, from 25 square feet to 2,000
  • Convenience: Convenient locations, seven-day-a-week access
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Self Storage / Moving Tips

AMJ Campbell Self Storage Tips! 
AMJ’s Formula for Self Storage Success 
Planning + Preparation + Smart Packing = Keeping your Belongings in Good Shape and Maximizing your Space


  • Reserve your AMJ Campbell Self Storage Unit
  • Prepare an inventory of items that you will be storing. List them from largest to smallest. This process will help to ensure that you have reserved the right sized space.
  • Plan which items will go into your self storage unit first; usually the larger ones, items you won’t need access to and your valuables (for added security).


  • If you're storing tables and other furniture, remove legs and disassemble them to conserve storage space.
  • Use shelving to take full advantage of the storage space.
  • Clean all the furniture, appliances and clothing to remove crumbs, stains or oils.
  • Cover upholstered and wood furniture with cloth not plastic.
  • Appliances must be clean and dry. Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar (to avoid mildew) and use the space inside for additional storage. Remove vacuum cleaner bags and cover openings.
  • Have blankets, draperies, and out-of-season clothing clean and ready to be packed in a wardrobe box or on hangers.
  • Old photographs should be kept flat to avoid curling. Place them between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together.
  • Use rust protector on any metal objects that you’ll be placing in your self storage. Or you can wipe them down with an oily rag.
  • Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers and other items with small engines.

Smart Packing:

  • Use boxes that are close to the same size so you can stack them easily, (heavy ones on the bottom, light ones on top)
  • Ensure your boxes are filled to the top so that they will not collapse if anything is stored on them. Use crumpled paper or padding if necessary.
  • Don't over-pack boxes. Overfilled boxes will rupture and topple when stacked.
  • Label your boxes for easy access.
  • Books – pack them flat so you don’t damage the spines. Remember not to pack too many in one box, they’re heavy.
  • Mattresses and box springs should be stored on long edges and wrapped for protection.
  • Store couches on end (except sofa beds).
  • Store each mirror and glass top in a sturdy crate on their edge, not flat.
  • Heat-sensitive goods such as photographs, videotapes, albums and wood furniture are best stored in a climate controlled storage unit.
  • Under no circumstances should you store anything flammable, hazardous, pressurized, toxic or combustible. No gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids or paint thinner.  Also avoid liquids and aerosols that may spill or burst in your self storage unit.
  • Do not store food or plants.
  • Do not store soaps or aromatics.
  • Use old linens and fabrics, instead of plastic, to protect your stuff from dust.
  • Completely fill the self storage unit using the full height of the room. If you don’t need to retrieve your belongings don’t leave any wasted space.
  • Store any items you might need last so they are by the door.
  • If you will be accessing your self storage unit regularly, leave small walkways or create a centre aisle between the boxes and furniture so you can easily get to the items you want without having to move anything around.

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